Veggie Crackers

Seeds are classified as ‘super-foods’ and are highly beneficial to your body. Flax seeds, rich in fatty acids, omega 3 and fibre, have the capacity to reduce cholesterol and strengthen your digestive system.

How to balance pregnancy and vegetarianism

For heath and ethical reasons, vegetarianism, which consists of the removal of meat and fish from a diet, is becoming increasingly popular. It is the most commonly followed as a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet; a diet that includes everything (eggs and milk) apart from meat and fish. However, once a women is pregnant, her needs evolve! During this marvellous and rather delicate period, women need to pay twice as much attention to their own needs to ensure their health and the development of the foetus.


Chia seeds have plenty to worry about: ambitious newcomers are entering the market like Basil seeds! Equally innovative and of high nutritional value, these tiny seeds, straight in from Asia, can not be ignored. So what is so amazing about them? You to want to know what they contain? Let’s have a look at them more closely.


Whether it is induced by medication, an anxiety state or a change of lifestyle, constipation is a real ordeal! Bloating, gas, stomachaches, an uncomfortable sensation in the lower abdomen, there’s really nothing that good about it. So here are some tips to help relieve your problems.