For good health, eat colourfully!

The colours on your plate are not only essential in triggering an appetite, but also to ensure you are eating a balanced meal. This is a simple but effective way of making sure you eat everything and that your dinners are complete and full of anti oxidants. And it’s all thanks to the pigments that are in our fruit and vegetables. Varied eating has the added advantage of avoiding deficiencies, and keeping up your energy levels and maintaining your good looks in all seasons. Eating balanced meals also helps you to stay healthy in the long run. Finally, we’d encourage you to consume local and seasonal food – it’s better for you and it’s better for the environment.

Which essential oils detoxify the body?

Do you feel bloated and tired when you get back from your holidays? Could it be that your body is suffering from a overload of toxins? A detox cure, by aromatherapy, could be the answer!


Having toned legs and ripped abs at all costs. These are the results promised by lean muscle practices. But be careful, lean muscle is not safe.

Is breakfast really necessary?

Breakfast, or not? We hear all sorts of conflicting reports about what is often described as the most important meal of the day. So is it really that essential?