Alcohol and health

The Christmas and New Year period is traditionally a period of excesses. Getting together with family or friends is often an excuse to enjoy meals in a festive spirit.

Are you bigorexic?

Addictions like bigorexia are more common than people might think. Are you concerned?

What is the Glycemic index?

When we eat carbohydrates, whether simple (white sugar) or complex (starchy), the amount of sugar we have in the blood is impacted. Diabetics are very familiar with the glycemic index which measures the impact of foods on blood sugar levels: a variation naturally causes hypo and hyperglycemias, which are to be avoided by diabetics, and whose signs can also sometimes be detected in healthy people.

Chocolate: the Christmas star

Every year, during the Christmas period alone, the French consume about 1.5 kg of chocolate per household. In other words, it’s hugely popular!

For or against low-fat dairy products?

Whether they are low in fat, sugar or calories, ‘light’ products are extremely popular and just like products “without” (fat, sugar, calories), ubiquitous in supermarkets. By eating a yogurt with “0% fat”, the yoghurt will not contain lipids, therefore, it is naturally less calorific. So, it’s a logical solution to losing weight? Unfortunately, things are never that simple.

Napping, an underrated activity?

Napping is most commonly performed by children and the elderly, however, rarely by adults. But what if it was actually a lot more beneficial than we previously thought?

Sweet potato or potatoes?

To the detriment of the classic white potato, recipes based on sweet potatoes are multiplying on social media. Indeed, with a sweet potato, we can make many different types of recipes, used in both sweet and savoury dishes.

How to progress in your sporting activity?

Many athletes think they can eat almost anything they want because they are highly active. Incorrect! Whatever your goal is, the quality of what you consume is paramount. Here is a non-exhaustive summary of what you can do to improve your daily routine, if you haven’t already done so!

How to balance pregnancy and vegetarianism

For heath and ethical reasons, vegetarianism, which consists of the removal of meat and fish from a diet, is becoming increasingly popular. It is the most commonly followed as a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet; a diet that includes everything (eggs and milk) apart from meat and fish. However, once a women is pregnant, her needs evolve! During this marvellous and rather delicate period, women need to pay twice as much attention to their own needs to ensure their health and the development of the foetus.

For good health, eat colourfully!

The colours on your plate are not only essential in triggering an appetite, but also to ensure you are eating a balanced meal. This is a simple but effective way of making sure you eat everything and that your dinners are complete and full of anti oxidants. And it’s all thanks to the pigments that are in our fruit and vegetables. Varied eating has the added advantage of avoiding deficiencies, and keeping up your energy levels and maintaining your good looks in all seasons. Eating balanced meals also helps you to stay healthy in the long run. Finally, we’d encourage you to consume local and seasonal food – it’s better for you and it’s better for the environment.

Which essential oils detoxify the body?

Do you feel bloated and tired when you get back from your holidays? Could it be that your body is suffering from a overload of toxins? A detox cure, by aromatherapy, could be the answer!


Having toned legs and ripped abs at all costs. These are the results promised by lean muscle practices. But be careful, lean muscle is not safe.

Is breakfast really necessary?

Breakfast, or not? We hear all sorts of conflicting reports about what is often described as the most important meal of the day. So is it really that essential?


The reasons to stop snacking are many: above all, it promotes weight gain and disrupts the metabolism in your body. Here are some tips to put an end to it.


Problems with digestion? Fatigue, pain, swollen stomach, gas, constipation? Here are all our tips to naturally improve your digestion.


It’s difficult to detoxify your body without using herbal teas as part of that process. Indeed, they are perfect for detoxifying the liver and eliminating toxins. Here is our TOP tips.