Mug Cake

For 2 people
Preparation time: 15 min
Cooking time: 30 min
TIP: “Petit Epeautre” flour is rich in magnesium giving it sedative and anti-stress properties. Also rich in calcium, it favours its absorption into your bones.

The Mirabelle Plum

Long regarded as a fruit of the second division (only suitable for brandies or jam), plums have recently become a fashionable fruit and are now widely available on market stalls.

7 Reasons to eat Aubergines

Aubergine is one of the most emblematic summer vegetables of the Mediterranean cuisine. Originating in India, it was first introduced to the Mediterranean basin by Arab sailors heading back from their journeys to the end of the world.
With its white, soft flesh, the most widely consumed variety in France is the purple aubergine. Weighing in between 200 and 250g, it cooks easily, lending itself to all types of cooking styles.

Nutritious seeds

What is germination?
Germination is the primordial phase in which seeds grow to a few centimetres in length in just a few days. Packed with vitamins and minerals, they can be eaten raw or cooked.

7 seeds we should definitely eat!

Often absent from our kitchen, seeds like flax, hemp, squash and chia are packed with nutritional value and heath benefits. Below is a quick summary of them.
Flaxseeds: Rich in nutrients, fibres, proteins and alpha-linolenic acid (a type of Omega-3), flaxseeds help reduce bad cholesterol and are great for the heart. Flax also helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and protects us from cancer.

The Benefits of Probiotics

We’ve all heard about probiotics and their benefits, but do we really know what we’re talking about? Here is a synopsis to finally sort out the truth from the lies!

Meal idea with friends

It’s time for festive meals! How to delight every guests in all lightness and simplicity? Maïa Baudelaire, presents her ideas for a light but festive aperitif. Veggies A little freshness and vitamins will not hurt your guests! Carrots, cucumbers, radishes and cherry tomatoes to dip in a delicious yogurt and chive sauce will delight their taste…

The benefits of Dry fruits

Dry fruits have lots of health benefits to not forget, and even more when you want to lose weight… Maïa Baudelaire, nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her own method explains you all of those benefits!

Special edition n°3 : Vegetarian, Vegan… What are the differences?

Those two specific diets became trendy for different reasons: first of all for health, but also for ethical and ideological convictions. Maïa Baudelaire, nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her own method explains you the two different forms of diets which are vegetarian and vegan. The Vegetarian Diet This diet is the less restrictive compared to…

Sweet Potato Fries


Sweet potato contains more vitamin A and calcium than regular potatoes, it’s nice to switch sometimes!

Oleaginous fruits

The first characteristic of oleaginous fruits is their composition in fats which varies from 12g to 30g for 100g. They can be used for oil making. More generally, those oleaginous fruits are rich in fibers, source of minerals like calcium, magnesium, or iron. Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her…

Secrets of a healthy and light aperitif

At home, at the beach, at the restaurant, or while camping, it’s always nice to have a cool and light aperitif. Snacks, nuts, chips, pistachios and sweet cocktails are always present. Right? But it’s absolutely not the best thing. Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her own method gives you her friendly…

Milk Rice


This dessert is delicious and rich in milk produce, which brings you an important intake in calcium!